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News : 2012-2017

Up coming

2 new exhibitions for "Satellarium"

12 - 30 May 2017
Palazzo Vernazza Castromediano, Lecce, Italy

23 - 25 June 2017
48 Stunden Neukölln
Kunstwerkstatt Sommer, Berlin, Germany


Sound compositions for "Bee Manifesto" videos
by Katja Loher


"Vuela Vuela" Sound composition for Katja Loher's
exhibition at C-24 Gallery New York, U.S.A.
November 2016


"T.A.U.T" 4CH Sound Prodution for Friedrich Hensen
with interactive audio, neon lights and video
installation by Riccardo TorresiMaxime Lethelier
& crews. Exhibited at BAUSCHULE '16 Stuttgart,
Germany August 2016


"Satellarium" Sound composition for interactive
audio visual installation with Riccardo Torresi,
Andrea Cucinotta and Maxime Lethelier.
Exhibited Nell'Arena delle balle di paglia 
festival at Cotignola, Italy July 2016



"#Digital Agora" Sound composition for interactive
audio visual installation with Riccardo Torresi
and Maxime Lethelier. Exhibited at 
Audi Q2 #untaggable
, Vienna, Austria June 2016


*Bubbles (verre soufflé et vidéo), Sound composition
for Katja Loher's exhibition at Paris International
digital week - Mi*Galerie Paris, France October 2015*


*Cosmic Berry's concert at Mole Music
Osaka,Japan September 17 2015*



*Where Does Time Begin Sound composition for
Katja Loher's exhibition at Anya Tish Gallery
Huston, TX, USA September 2015*



*3 way view live video of Cosmic Berry's
CosmicCube set "unattended"*




*Composition for compilation album for film CODE
September 2015*




*My Name is Gregor' video simulation15, Sound composition for interactive
installation with Riccardo Torresi and Maxime Lethelier June 20*




*Concert : June 06 2015 Cont.Music at American Whilpools Berlin DE *


*Oasis Lounge Sound desgin for Katja Loher's exhibition Airport Bogota,CO December 2014*



* Mengi, Reykjavík IS August 24th 2014*




*Garden concert in afternoon at record shop 12 Tónar,
Reykjavík IS August 24th 2014*




* Sound design for Katja Loher 's video instalation
"Video Portals"at C-24 Gallery, New York, June 2014*




*Collabolation with Jessica Ekomane at Madame Claude, Berlin DE May 3rd 2014 *




* Appartment Concert with RÊVE Lunar society, Lille FR March 29th 2014 *



* Sound design for Katja Loher 's video exhibition
Video Planet Orchestra
, January 25, 2014 - May 4, 2014 at Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa
VOLTA NY 2014 March 6-9 2014 at C-24 Gallery, New York *



* In newly released Album by David Last this Feb contains something
I sang few years back in summer Tennessee, lyrics by Daniel Olshansky,
and seems that this collaboration is still extending to
visual form, tbc here's extract piece from the song 2014*



* December 15th 2013, Jam Concert with Silje Nes, Taxgorkhan,
Ana Bogner
for Silje's 7" release party at Muscle Temple *



* song preview from new Cosmic Berry's live set *+.+* *



* October 12th 2013
Concert at Wrangelstraße 31a Kreuzberg, Berlin *



*Who Collects Clouds in the Sky? Sound composition for
Katja Loher's video sculpture. Exhibited at San Jose Museum of Art,
CA, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston, TX, USA September 2013*



* May 12 2013, 8-9:30pm
Conscert at Eglise Saint-Merri, 76 rue de la verrerie 75004 Paris*



* Cosmic Berry's first official release "Static Juice" from french label Laybell on February 4th
Including great remixes by Silje Nes, Black Light Smoke, LIFE&LIMB, GRIFON
and My Favourite Things January 2013*



* along with music video "Round & Low" by Flashbacker! *



* Featuring project for french Mathrock band from Lille Ed Wood Jr *



* Album of Tiger Fingers out from hfn *



* Hamburg label, hfn is releasing past project from Brooklyn,
Tiger Fingers
, EP vinyl release for Little Drummer Girl
+ remixes by Jimmy Edgar and Night Plane *




* Interplanetary Constellations Sound design for Katja Loher's video
sculptures. Exhibited at MuBE. Museu Brasileiro da Escultura. São Paulo - Brasil *



* Live video of Cosmic Berry from Japan Tour, Jun 30 Villa Kujoyama Kyoto *



* 2nd album of two.left.ears, " *divAAAtion*" has been released with Asako's voice samples.
Live dates are been scheduled also with featuring vocal of old and new songs *



* Cosmic Berry's bandcamp *



* 1st concert of Cosmic Berry was March 2012.
Benefit event for Japan MARAIS OUEST, Paris *